Ten Have-to-Know Amazing Household Hints

Ten Have-to-Know Amazing Household Hints

Hey guys and gals, by separating bananas from the bunch, did you know they last longer? What about re-heating pizza, we know the microwave doesn’t work for that. What you want to do is heat it up in a frying pan.

Below are ten have-to-know amazing household hints:

Amazing hint 1: flexible vacuum

This is truly an amazing hint for all of us and that is when you are trying to suck up those hard to reach things under your furniture, or the fridge, or behind a bookshelf, simply insert one of your empty paper towel rolls into the end of your vacuum cleaner. You then bend the rolls, or somewhat flatten it so it can squeeze in all the hard locations you can’t put your vacuum in.

Amazing hint 2: the banana trick

Before placing your bananas in the fruit bowl, be sure to pull them apart. They will last longer this way and won’t go brown so quickly. Who would have thought huh?

Amazing hint 3: zap those mosquitos

Are you one of those sweet-blooded type of person that attract every mosquito around you? Well, here’s what you do to keep the nasty blood suckers away from you. Keep a fabric softener dryer sheet in your pocket. That’s it! All mosquitoes are seriously repelled by the nice scent and on top of that you’ll smell fresh as can be!

Amazing hint 4: how to pick buying capsicum (Bell Peppers)

When picking out your capsicum, be sure it has three bumps on the bottom, for this is sweeter than 4 bumps on the bottom. However, if you want a crunchier and firmer capsicum, then pick the 4 bumps on the bottom! Sweet vs crunchy….

Amazing hint 5: cheesy stuff

How about his one, to keep your cheese fresher longer and keep that nasty mold out, wrap it in chunks inside aluminum foil and store in the fridge.

Amazing hint 6: weeds gone

Don’t throw out those these papers in the recycle bin and/or trash. Simply use the newspaper for mulch and that will keep the weeds out. Just wet the sheets and put many layers around your plants and make sure to cover with soil as you move along. The weeds can’t get through all the wet layers of newspapers.

Amazing hint 7: leftover pizza

Sick of those stick-hard microwaved left0over pizzas? So, what you can do is heat up your left-over pizza in a frying pan! Yep, on low heat and it’ll be a crunchy yet perfect bite!

Amazing hint 8: envelopes, how to reopen them

You know those days when you seal an envelope and you didn’t put everything in it that you needed to? Well, what you do is simply place it in the freezer for about an hour or more and then the envelope will open without anyone knowing!

There you have all these little hints that will make your day much better! It’s amazing how just a little trick here and there can assist in all our daily activities.


Helpful Hints to Tackle Clutter  

Helpful Hints to Tackle Clutter

The big question here is how messy are you and do you know how to tackle the clutter? A couple of my favorite ways to tackle clutter are below.

The first way is called ‘The Surge’. In this way you can put aside a weekend, for instance, and take on as much as you are willing to do. Maybe just one room at a time will do for now. So, keep your schedule clear for that day or maybe two days. Then get yourself some boxes (there are many free ways to get boxes), some trash bags and start it! This will probably excite as you are moving along getting rid of all that clutter.

Start with maybe one of the bedrooms. Designate one area at a time, perhaps you want to start with one of the dressers. So, you clean the dresser out, riding it of all unnecessary items and then move on to the next dresser. Perhaps you need to de-clutter the closet for its filled with you knows what! Put all of it in a pile.

Let’s say you start with your bedroom. Pick one area of the bedroom — one flat surface, such as a shelf, the top of your dresser, a drawer, the floor of your closet. Clear that flat surface, putting everything into a pile. One pile could be the keep pile, then the give-away pile, and then the trash pile.

Start doing it and putting the items in the correct bags. Do not skip any items, just do it all now.

Keep pile is for all the items you use and need.

Donate pile is to give to others less fortunate or maybe to other family members and friends.

Trash pile is for all those things that you were once going to fix or can’t find the other important part to it or its outdated etc. There are so many items we keep around the house just due to the fact we didn’t make that decision right away to throw it out.

Now, move on to the next item in the bedroom and clean it out!

The next way to tackle clutter is in ‘Chunking’. By taking little baby step with your approach this is chunking. Always try to have a clean sink in your home. This will be the beginning of your clutter-free area and move from there daily. One chunk at a time, not an entire room. So, now you know the kitchen sink will stay clutter-free because you are going to make it happen that way. Then move on to the chunk of space next to the sink, like the counters. Keep a certain area free of clutter daily.

This will be your new mission. Tackle and clutter-free chunks of space. Nothing is allowed to stay in the cabinets that don’t belong there over a certain period of time. Do not store paper and bills and other items on your dining table ever. That is an area to ear, not storage.

Then onto to the next clutter-free zone. By keeping this in your mind every day, you will be surprised how the clutter is not growing but subsiding. Use the pile-technique I described above for this chunking clutter-free zones.